6 Keys To Building a Great Cocktail Menu

6 Keys To Building a Great Cocktail Menu

(Source: Elicit Bar & Lounge Facebook Page)

How to Build a Great Cocktail Menu

Elicit Bar & Lounge is not your average cocktail bar.

Located in the swanky Sycuan Casino & Resort in beautiful El Cajon, CA, we’re committed to offering our customers an experience befitting the vibrant and exciting setting. We aren’t content to offer just great mixed drinks, but rather, we hope to offer a cocktail experience unlike anything else.

So how do we do that exactly? In this post, we’ll share some of our secrets to success, including the keys to building a great cocktail menu that is unlike any other!

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(Source: Elicit Bar & Lounge Facebook Page)

Embrace a Variety of Cocktail Flavors

Of all the words you could use to describe the Elicit cocktail menu, none of them would be “boring”. We embrace an eclectic variety of flavors in our cocktail creations, from sweet to sour to totally unexpected.

That means that no matter your personal style, there’s bound to be something on our menu that will inspire curiosity…and is tantalize your taste buds! So what will it be? Maybe you’ll try our throwback-style Dr. Cel-Ray Pepper, made with 50 Bleu Vodka, celery-peppercorn shrub, cucumber, lemon, selter, and celery bitters. Or maybe you’ll explore our Island Vibes cocktail, made with Plantation pineapple rum, coconut, mango-chili gomme, and calamansi. We also have cocktails, shooters, sangria, cocktail experiences…so much to choose from!

Do Something Unexpected for your Guests

Why fit in when you were born to stand out? We love offering creative and unexpected offerings to challenge our customers’ taste buds and offer them a unique cocktail experience!

If you’re looking for something new to try, look no further than our innovative cocktail shooters. These small cocktail creations pack a punch in the flavor department and offer some creative solutions for drinking!

For example, our Don Sandia shooter is made with Casamigos Blanco tequila, fresh watermelon juice, lime, and mint…all served in an edible cucumber shot glass with a tajin rim. For sweet freaks, you’ll find the perfect indulgence in our Cookie Monster shooter, which is made with vodka, coconut milk, espresso, vanilla gomme, and horchata foam…all served in a delectable edible chocolate coated cookie shot glass. Have your dessert and drink your cocktail, too!  

Seek Global Inspiration in your Cocktail Menu

Elicit’s menu includes creative works of cocktail art with flavors that are inspired not just locally, but globally. Why not explore the world right in your cocktail glass? It’s easy with offerings like our Green Geisha cocktail, made with Bombay Sapphire East gin, honeydew melon, lemon, and Kimono sparkling yuzu. Drink up and enjoy!

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(Source: Elicit Bar & Lounge Facebook Page)

Offer an Outstanding Experience

The difference between going out for drinks and a memorable night out? An accent on experience. Elicit isn’t content simply offering up delicious cocktails…we want to make it a night to remember. As such, we offer unique services to delight all the senses like our Tableside Mixology.

With this service, a skilled mixologist will mix cocktails right before your eyes, literally by the side of your table. Enjoy watching the magic that goes into making an expertly crafted cocktail…then drink the delicious results!

Once you’ve tried one of the Tableside mixology offerings like our Lime In the Coconut cocktail, made with Plantation Pineapple Rum, passionfruit, tangerine juice, cream of coconut, and citrus, all served in a fresh young coconut and garnished with grated nutmeg, you may never go back to a boring old gin and tonic!

Incorporate a Little Mad Science into Your Cocktail Menu

At Elicit, our cocktail menu incorporates a little mad science, with fun and tasty results. A portion of our menu is dedicated to liquid nitrogen tableside libations, which means we’ll create chemistry-fueled cocktails with smoky effects to really wow you and your friends, prepared tableside.

See for yourself how magical the effects are with an offering like our One Night Stand cocktail, made with Casamigos Blanco tequila, grapefruit-rose cordial, yuzu citrus, mixed tableside with liquid nitrogen and garnished with a hibiscus sugar dusted grapefruit slice and edible flowers.

Don’t Forget the Basics

An expertly curated cocktail menu is a thing of beauty, but it’s important to remember that not everyone’s in the mood for a cocktail all the time. Whether you want to lighten things up for the second round or just feel like a simple glass of wine or beer, Elicit has you covered.

In addition to our cocktail menu, we also offer a robust variety of wines by the glass, including sparkling wines, whites, reds, and even a variety of different sakes. After all, we want to be as inclusive as possible and please the many palates of our customers!

At Elicit Bar & Lounge in El Cajon, we want our customers to have a transformative cocktail experience. To help make this happen, we’ve taken the time and effort to develop a truly memorable cocktail menu, filled with a variety of different flavors and experiences to enjoy. Come see for yourself how incredible and eclectic our offerings are! We hope to see you soon.

Which cocktail from our menu intrigues you most?