With exquisite artisanal cocktails, shooters, sangrias, wines, and more, Elicit’s menu is certain to delight and surprise. Our mixologists have taken some of your favorite traditional cocktails and added their own innovative twists for new, memorable drinks that are works of art in their own right. From sweet and light to powerful blends with a bite, you’re certain to find that cocktail that becomes your new go-to drink.

Turn any night into a memorable event with our tableside mixology. Our skilled mixologists will give your party an up close and personal look as they craft specialty cocktails right at your table. Watch their finely honed techniques and see the artistry that goes into each and every cocktail, and feel free to ask questions about the craft. For an extra air of mystery and intrigue, order a liquid nitrogen tableside libation and enjoy a cocktail as you’ve never had one before.