Latin Fridays Just Got Hotter at Elicit Bar & Lounge

Latin Fridays Just Got Hotter at Elicit Bar & Lounge

Why Elicit Is the Spot for Hot Latin Fridays

There’s a lot to be said about living in California, the vast diversity of culture and food being one of the most significant perks. Whether you live in or near El Cajon or have just made this your destination of choice for a relaxing getaway, you’re no doubt excited about the incredible dining options at every turn.

Food isn’t the only great thing about this region  – there’s also an incredible nightlife with the Sycuan Casino Resort being the heart of fun and relaxation in El Cajon. Tucked inside the Sycuan is a lounge that’s everything you’re looking for in an indulgent escape. Elicit Bar & Lounge is known for their incredible atmosphere, attentive service, and delicious food. Now, Elicit takes up a few notches by celebrating Latin culture with Latin Fridays.

Celebrating Latin Culture

Latin America is a beautiful region of the world that’s infused with a vibrant culture. Latin America includes the countries of Peru, Chile, Guatemala, Ecuador, Cuba, Costa Rica, Panamas, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela, among others. A tour of these Latin American countries would liven the senses and fill your spirit with passion. It’s no wonder that at Elicit we’re so eager to celebrate these cultures with our Latin Fridays.

Latin America is home to hundreds of millions of people, with tremendous diversity among cultures.  Most citizens of Latin American countries speak either Spanish or Portuguese, depending on the county or region the call home, however various accents lend a different flavor to many local languages. Regardless of the language that’s spoken, there is one thing that all of Latin America shares – a love for incredible food.

Latin America is home to world’s largest coffee and sugar producers, along with being a top region for vineyards, but it’s also a region that sets the bar high on worldly cuisine. Throughout much of Latin America, what we in the north think of as “Mexican” food is among the local favorites of many cultures. However, we’re not talking about your standard American cantina, restaurant fare. We’re talking about authentic Mexican style cuisine that features succulent local produce, spices, and seafood in the coastal regions.

What you will find a lot of all throughout Latin America are fresh tortillas or flat breads that have been stuffed with local, regional favorites. Depending on the region and the fillings, you will hear these culinary creations called by many names. At Elicit, we just call them one of our all-time favorites – otherwise known as tacos.

Latin Fridays at Elicit

Elicit has a reputation of being the place to go when you want the freshest, most delectable sushi in El Cajon, and the selections from our raw bar are enticing enough to keep our guests coming back time and time again. All that said, you might not expect Elicit to be the spot in the Sycuan Casino Resort where you can satisfy your craving for some Latin flavors, but all that is changing with Latin Fridays.

On one of our favorite days of the week, you can now join Elicit to celebrate the flavors and vibrancy of Latin culture with our Latin Fridays. This is the day when you’ll find Elicit’s culinary mastery perfectly enhanced with some Latin flair.

Elicit opens at 5pm on Friday, and starting at that very moment, you can join us for our Latin Friday event, featuring $3 street tacos. There’s no better way to celebrate Latin Friday than sitting back in the comfortable, yet elegant vibe, of Elicit and enjoying a plate full of street tacos, skillfully prepared by our masters of cuisine. Nibble on one or two while you sip on a signature libation or share a platter with the table while you’re pampered with our VIP tableside mixology service. Trust that there’s no way you can go wrong with any combination.

About Elicit

Elicit Bar & Lounge is the place where you can relax and enjoy the company of great friends while soaking up a luxurious atmosphere. Tucked inside the Sycuan Casino Resort, Elicit Bar & Lounge is an El Cajon destination that can’t be missed. It’s here that you’ll find an incredibly attentive staff that tends to your every need – from crafting the perfectly balanced cocktail to filling your table with plates full of selections from our sushi and raw bar menu.

Elicit is the place where you’ll come to escape at the end of the day. When you’re in the mood for a setting that sophisticate but not stuffy, attentive but relaxed, and where you can sit in a little intimate nook or enjoy the spacious openness of the indoor/outdoor bar, Elicit is the place that will exceed all your expectations.

Join Elicit for Latin Fridays

There really isn’t a better way to welcome the weekend in all of El Cajon than spending some time at Elicit Bar & Lounge and devouring $3 street tacos till your heart and appetite are satisfied. Join us this Friday, or any Friday in the future, by RSVPing and making your reservations for Latin Fridays at Elicit today.