Karaoke Sundays at Elicit Are the Must Attend Event In El Cajon

Karaoke Sundays at Elicit Are the Must Attend Event In El Cajon

Come Take the Stage and Join Us for Karaoke Sundays at Elicit Bar & Lounge

Come on, admit it. There’s a little (or maybe a big) part of you that loves getting on stage and being the center of attention – if only for a few minutes of fame. We tend to believe that deep inside each of us is someone just waiting to steal the show. When you get the urge to jump on stage, lose your inhibitions, and win over the crowd with your rendition of your favorite tunes, where is it that you go? If you’re in El Cajon, the only place to be is Elicit Bar & Lounge on Karaoke Sundays.

Karaoke Sundays at Elicit Bar & Lounge

Karaoke has become one of the world’s favorite pastimes. Karaoke night, whether you’re in a small town or the big city, is an event that always draws a crowd. There’s just something irresistible about the opportunity to get together with friends, have a few drinks, and then sing along to your favorite songs. The best part is you don’t need to be a musical diva with a captivating voice to win over the crowd on karaoke night. Everyone is welcome, and everyone always has a great time.

Every Sunday we celebrate the inner songbird in you with Karaoke Sundays at El Cajon’s hottest club – Elicit Bar & Lounge in the Sycuan Casino Resort. We know. Sundays can be a bit of a low-key day, as the weekend winds down and you start preparing for the week ahead. At Elicit, we think that Sundays are underrated and that they deserved to be celebrated just as much as the rest of the weekend. That’s why we’ve chosen Sunday as prime time to take to the stage with karaoke at Elicit.

The action starts at 7pm every Sunday and goes on at least until 11pm. That’s four glorious hours where you can enjoy the atmosphere, top notch entertainment, and the fantastic drinks prepared by Elicit’s expert staff of mixologists. We’ve left no detail untouched in creating a Sunday night karaoke experience you’ll never forget.

Karaoke Sundays at Elicit are the perfect opportunity to grab your friends and let your inner karaoke star shine. Whatever you style, or preference in music, our stage belongs to you with an audience to cheer you on every step of the way.

Haven’t Tried Elicit’s Karaoke? Here’s Why You Should

Being located in the Sycuan Casino resort, we know that when people walk through our doors, they’re not looking for any ordinary experience. They’re expecting an atmosphere that completely immerses them, drinks that tantalize their senses, and an experience that’s elevated on every single level.

On most nights, we accomplish this by providing our guests with delicious cocktails that border just on the edge of being sinful, and the perfect atmosphere for mingling, meeting new friends, and creating great memories with your favorite people. The energy is always high at Elicit Bar & Lounge, but we were wondering what we could do transform Sunday nights into something exceptional.

That’s when the concept for Karaoke Sundays was born, and there hasn’t been any looking back. Trust that this isn’t your average karaoke night at the bar. Elicit offers something exceptional when it comes to Karaoke Sundays.

About Elicit Bar & Lounge

Located in the beautiful Sycuan Casino Resort, Elicit offers a unique lounge experience that’s manages the perfect marriage between upscale elegance, high energy club, and a laid back, silky vibe. Elicit is the place to go in El Cajon when you’re craving an experience that steps outside of the norm and tantalizes all your senses – whether it’s for a mid-week escape to our gorgeous oasis or to join us for hours of fun on Karaoke Sundays.

At Elicit, we also know that an expertly crafted drink is the ideal compliment for our evening. It’s here that you’ll find the most experienced, most attentive, and most talented mixologists in El Cajon to create a cocktail lounge experience that surpasses any other in El Cajon.

At this point, the only question that’s on our mind is why you haven’t decided to join us for Karaoke Sundays at Elicit and take advantage of the opportunity to release your inner songbird on our stage. Sunday is just right around the corner. What are your plans for making it a night to remember? Start by RSVPing and making reservations for you and your friends to join us at Elicit for Karaoke Sunday, starting at 7pm.