Come Release Your Inner Stage Diva on Karaoke Sundays at Elicit

Come Release Your Inner Stage Diva on Karaoke Sundays at Elicit

Join Elicit Bar & Lounge for the Best Karaoke Sundays in El Cajon

Some might disagree but personally, we believe that there’s an inner Broadway sensation or Rockstar in all of us. It’s that part of you that comes out when your favorite song comes on during the commute to work or when you sneak away to the shower to belt out your favorite tune. We pity the person who never pushes their inhibitions aside for the sake of singing along with their favorite song.

Whether you sing like songbird, or your version of carrying a tune is a little, well – out of tune, there’s no greater time than heading to your favorite club for karaoke night. Karaoke has become one of America’s favorite pastimes, and what started as an event in small town bars has made its way to the some of the hottest clubs – like our very own Elicit in the Sycuan Casino Resort.

Karaoke Sundays at Elicit

Sundays have a bit of a reputation for being the quiet day of the week. Sundays signal the dreaded end of the weekend, with Monday looming close. We tend to think that Sundays aren’t deserving of this reputation and have decided to make a Sunday night offer that’s too irresistible to refuse.

At Elicit Bar & Lounge, we’ve recently kicked off our Karaoke Sundays. For us, this means the chance to invite you in and provide you with the atmosphere, drinks, and entertainment you’ve come to expect from Elicit. For you, this is a chance to let that inner star shine on our stage.

When should you grab you best, vocally inclined friends and head to Elicit? Our weekly event kicks off every Sunday at 7pm, with El Cajon’s best karaoke stars (that would be you) taking the stage until about 11pm. Take to the stage on your own, or with a group of friends, as you sing your favorite songs to Elicit’s audience.

Why We Love Karaoke

Being located in the famous Sycuan Casino Resort, there is always a high energy vibe floating around. Elicit Bar & Lounge is a place where you can come and sink back and enjoy a few sophisticated cocktails. Either way, Elicit has become the premier club for hanging out and having a sensational time in the Sycuan.

There are few things that can elevate this experience further, which is why after putting our heads together, we came up with Karaoke Sundays. What better way to infuse the Elicit experience with more enjoyment than by giving you the opportunity to be the star of the show.

At Elicit Bar & Lounge, we love karaoke as much as anyone. Here are a few of favorite reasons why it’s one of our favorite pastimes.

  • We love seeing you on stage. You are what makes Elicit the hottest club in El Cajon, and we love seeing your shine on stage.
  • We can get better acquainted with you. It’s always a blast to hear what songs our guests pull out of the vault on Karaoke Sunday.
  • The energy of Karaoke Sunday is amazing. What’s better than reliving the moments of your youth by singing your favorite songs, except with an adult flair (and a few cocktails)?
  • Cheers to the musical underdog. At Elicit, all voices are beautiful, and we can’t wait to welcome those to our stage who might not feel completely comfortable performing in a less energetic club environment.
  • Karaoke is something different to everyone. One of our absolute favorite things about Karaoke Sundays is the variety of people and talent that it brings to our stage. Some use this as their chance to share their recording worthy voices, while other completely let go and sing with pure joy. It’s all about you, and that’s what makes it amazing.

About Elicit Bar & Lounge

Karaoke Sundays are only the newest reason to name Elicit Bar & Lounge as your favorite destination in El Cajon, California. You can join us any night of the week for smooth but high energy vibe, incredible artisanal cocktails, craft beers, and the very best wines. This alone is reason enough to join us at Elicit, but then there is also the selection of sushi and Asian classics on our menu. One could say that time spent at Elicit is a true sensory experience.

Elicit Bar & Lounge is located in the Sycuan Casino Resort, making it the perfect stop after a day beating the odds in the casino or relaxing poolside or being pampered in the spa. When you step through the doors of Elicit, you’re going to immediately feel like the VIP you are, whether it’s on Karaoke Sunday or any other day of the week.

Reserve Your Spot for Karaoke Sunday Today

The only thing stopping you from releasing your inner star is making sure to reserve your spot for Karaoke Sundays at Elicit. Of course, reservations aren’t necessary, but when the entertainment is this good, you can’t expect there to be an empty seat in the house. RSVP and make your reservation at Elicit today.