Introducing Elicit’s Incredible Shooters

Introducing Elicit’s Incredible Shooters

Meet Elicit’s Awesome Shooters Menu

Looking for specialized shooters and a night you won’t forget? Try the new shooters from Elicit. Our shooters contain a wide range of happiness in a small glass.

Wanting a splash of something sweet? 

Then our Coco Cafe will hit the spot, served with a mixture of vanilla vodka, coconut milk, espresso, all complete with a chocolate covered waffle shot glass. 

Desperate for a little enjoyment south of the border?

Well, our Don Sandia is sure to make you smile served with a delightful mixture of watermelon juice, vodka, lime and mint all brought together inside of a cucumber shot glass. 

Don’t forget the other drinks!

With Elicit you can enjoy tableside mixology. That means your night just got a bit more exciting. Watch as our skilled mixologists come up to your party and give you a personal view of their specially crafted cocktails. Take pictures as they display their mixologist techniques revealing the artistry that is invested in each and every drink. You can ask questions as they work and learn more about your cocktail. 

If any among your group are feeling frisky, you can order one of the special liquid nitrogen libations and enjoy the mysteries of an unknown drink. You won’t miss out on your One Night Stand when you order one of our table side libations. 

Sharing with the group? Get our red or white sangrias. 

cocktail menu

Enjoying a more romantic night out? 

Switch the party scene into one of comfort and class with our sparkling champagnes, proseccos, wines, and more.

We even have a wide range of craft beer and draft beer for those among your group who don’t want to drink too heavily but want to enjoy a taste of something local. 

Not sure what to order? Tell us what flavors you want and we can help point you in the right direction. Better yet, let us know what food you want so that we can offer different pairings. For instance: after you try our shooters, complement your sashimi plate with some sake. Cool your tongue after a spicy tuna roll with one of our wheat beers. Sharing a plate of something else? Get your seafood platter with some sparkling wine or a rich, robust red. 

Food and more…

When you come here, rest assured our top of the line shooters are not the only thing our menu has to offer. 

Check out the raw bar complete with half dozen oyster orders, shrimp cocktails in many varieties, and even a king crab cocktail. 

If you are looking to share, order some of our famous sushi rolls, complete with the traditional California and spicy tuna rolls, even some veggie and protein rolls for those looking to keep up with specialized diets. Try something new and delicious with the Singing Hills, Dehesa, or the Lucky Caterpillar roll. 

Make your reservation with Elicit Lounge today and turn your night into something memorable!