How to Pair Drinks with Raw Bar Items

How to Pair Drinks with Raw Bar Items

Elicit: Pairing Cocktails With Our Raw Bar Offerings

A great raw bar is always a treat. But it’s an especially exquisite experience when you’re in the San Diego region, where the seafood is incredibly fresh. And it’s even better still when you’ve got the perfect drink.

At Elicit Bar & Lounge, our raw bar boasts a great variety of delicious fresh seafood options. Paired with the perfect drinks from our creative cocktail menu, our raw bar makes for a truly memorable dining experience. 

But what drink to pick? Here, we’ll offer up a guide for drink pairings with our raw bar offerings.

Beer & Wine

Beer and wine pretty much always pair nicely with raw bar selections. Here are some suggestions for the perfect pick:

  • Sparkling wine: Whether it’s prosecco or champagne, a sparkling wine always adds the perfect buoyancy to raw bar selections.
  • Crisp whites: A crisp white wine makes for a wonderful raw bar complement, working well with the slight natural sweetness of the seafood and picking up the notes of citrus from the lemon that is often served alongside raw bar items.
  • Rosé: A glass of rosé is always an elegant pairing with anything, and that includes raw bar items! 
  • Beer: The cold bubbles and earthy hops in beer make just about any draft you love a great pairing with your raw bar order. So whether you like IPAs, blonde ales, or lagers, we’ve got a pick for you. 

Cocktail Pairs with Raw Bar at Elicit Lounge


Not sure what cocktail drink to pair with our raw bar offerings? Here, we’ll take a tour of the raw bar menu and offer drink suggestions from our cocktail menu for each item. 

½ Dozen Oysters on the Half Shell: Ours are served with yuzu mignonette, cocktail sauce, and fresh lemon. 

Suggested cocktail pairing: The One Night Stand cocktail, featured on our Liquid Nitrogen Libations menu, is the perfect pick. It contains yuzu, so it has a citrusy and slightly tart flavor that pairs very nicely with oysters. Also made with Casamigos blanco tequila, and grapefruit-rose cordial, it’s mixed tableside with liquid nitrogen and a hibiscus sugar dusted grapefruit slice, and served with edible flowers. 

Shrimp Cocktail: A classic! Ours is composed of Black Tiger prawns, cocktail sauce, and fresh lemon. 

Suggested cocktail pairing: Black Tiger prawns are big and buttery, so they call for a cocktail that will work well with their unique flavor. Our Green Geisha cocktail is made with Bombay Sapphire East Gin, honeydew melon, lemon, and kimino sparkling yuzu. It’s got a flavor that’s slightly boozy and not too overpowering, so it lets the flavor of the prawns really shine. 

Shellfish Platter: The works! A melange of oysters, lobster, shrimp, and crab, served with sauces and lemon. 

Suggested cocktail pairing: The My Sweet Brick cocktail is a festive pairing. Made with Maker’s Mark bourbon, aperol, grapefruit shrub, lemon, shiso, and seltzer, it’s got a unique flavor that offers a fascinating contrast to the seafood. 

Or, go for our Impeared Martini. Made with La pommiere calvados, rothman & winter orchard pear, unfiltered apple juice, lemon, egg white, 6-spiced honey syrup, aromatic bitters, it’ll make you feel like you’re James Bond…or at least Don Draper. 

King Crab Louis Cocktail: This salad is anything but boring, made with a special Louis sauce (kind of like a “special sauce”) and served with iceberg lettuce.  

Suggested cocktail pairing: Try something different! The earthy and spicy flavors in our Dr. Cel-Ray Pepper 50 bleu vodka, celery-peppercorn shrub, cucumber, lemon, seltzer, celery bitters, are the perfect accompaniment

Ready to enjoy some delicious raw bar offerings and drinks that are just as good? Sounds like it’s time to plan a visit to El Cajon’s Elicit Bar & Lounge in Sycuan Casino Resort

What are your favorite drinks to pair with raw bar entrees?