Join Elicit Bar & Lounge for Dinner and Drinks in El Cajon

Join Elicit Bar & Lounge for Dinner and Drinks in El Cajon

Can’t Decide Between Dinner or Drinks? Elicit Is the Hotspot in El Cajon for Both

It’s been a long week, or maybe just a grueling day, and you’re ready to kick back and relax. Your first inclination is to grab a few friends and check out the local scene but you’re not sure if it’s dinner or drinks that you’re after. You’re craving some incredible cuisine, to the point that your mouth is watering, but the idea of a luscious cocktail gracing your lips is pure heaven.

It’s a tough choice between dinner or drinks, and at Elicit Bar & Lounge, we’re here to let you in on a little secret. You really don’t make this difficult choice at all because we’re here to satisfying all your desires and cravings.

A Night Out In El Cajon

The nightlife in El Cajon is bubbling with a certain effervescent energy. Located just a few miles from San Diego, El Cajon attracts many from the area who are looking for something that strays from the ordinary, as well as boasting a booming tourist industry. While unassuming on the surface, there’s always something happening with the El Cajon social scene.

The Sycuan Casino Resort, located in El Cajon, is hotspot of entertainment, culinary delights, unforgettable cocktails, and of course, all the fun there is to be had on the casino floor. There’s another reason the Sycuan Casino Resort is known as the place to be for dinner or drinks with friends, and it can be found at Elicit Bar & Lounge.

Elicit Bar & Lounge has been coined as the ultimate lounge for an incredible night out in El Cajon. The mixologists at Elicit are masters of their craft, creating cocktails that tantalize all the senses – and they’re all served in a sophisticated, yet high energy atmosphere that you’re going to love. But, what if you were thinking of starting your night out with something with a little more sustenance? Elicit has the perfect solution with a menu of delectable eats.

What’s On the Menu at Elicit?

Elicit’s menu is a refreshing, delicious take on lounge food. You’re not going to find any heavy five course meals or typical bar food that’s drenched in grease at Elicit. Instead, you’re going to find the dining options at Elicit Bar & Lounge are fresh, vibrant, and perfect for setting the scene for an unforgettable night.

For starters, everything on Elicit’s menu is perfect for sharing. Consider ordering up a few plates of oysters on the half shell, served with Yuzu mignonette, cocktail sauce, and fresh lemon. For a bit more variety, Elicit offers another raw bar option with an incredible shellfish platter. The shellfish platter features oysters, lobster, shrimp and crab, with delicious freshness that’s enhanced with the perfect sauces and a touch of lemon.

In addition to the raw bar, Elicit offers a nigiri and sushi roll menu that’s drool worthy. Nigiri selections include the freshest shrimp, salmon, tuna, and yellowtail. If you or anyone in your group is a fan of sushi rolls, then expect to be wowed. From classic sushi rolls that have been perfected, to those that border on more adventurous, there’s something for everyone on the sushi menu – including the vegans in your group.

What if your idea for dinner tonight consists of multiple small plates to share? Elicit has you covered. Think along the lines of Kobe beef sliders, mini lobster rolls, shishito peppers served with a lime vinaigrette and spicy gochujang, and tempura jalapeno poppers served with eel sauce – definitely not your typical selection of bar food.

What’s Dinner Without a Few Cocktails?

When you’re out for dinner with friend in El Cajon, the right cocktail just makes the experience even better. At Elicit you’re going to find your favorite classics, along with classics that have been recreated with a fresh, modern spin. The masterful mixologists at Elicit are waiting to craft a round of one of our signature cocktails for your group.

Aren’t sure which of our incredible cocktails to try first? Let us suggest the Green Geisha, Impeared Martini, or a Ruby Rose Royale. Elicit also offers an extra special service to our guests in the form of tableside mixology. When you request tableside mixology, our mixologists will appear at your table with everything needed to craft an incredible cocktail and experience right in front of your eyes. Tableside mixology isn’t just a little extra touch of luxury for your night out, it’s a sensory experience that you won’t soon forget.

Dinner and Drinks at Elicit Bar & Grill

Are you planning ahead to your next night out with friends in El Cajon? We’d like to invite you to join us at Elicit Bar & Lounge, where you can satisfy your appetite and thirst for incredible food and cocktails at the same time. Get a head start on your next night out by RSVPing and making your reservations at Elicit Bar & Lounge today.